Examination FAQs

  1. How does one access the test?
    The test is online and it is accessible to registered students at a time which will be allocated for each individual.
  2. What is the duration of the exam
    The test will last one hour.
  3. What if power goes off while the test is ongoing?
    The system will auto save the questions already done and will allow you to progress from where you stopped. The rest of the questions should be completed within the one hour allocated. The Authority advises students to ensure they have back up power and internet for the 1 hour to avoid disruptions.
  4. What happens if time elapses before I complete and submit?
     The system will auto submit immediately the time elapses therefore no need to worry about submission.
  5. When will I get my results for the challenge?
    The Authority will send the results through email and advise if one is progressing to the next stage or not.
  6. Can I do the exam from my hostel room?
    Yes. The University Challenge is online and can be done from wherever the student is at the time allocated for them.
  7. How do I learn how to respond to the questions?
    After registration, one has access to a set of dummy questions which they can practice on as much as they can.
  8. Do I write the answers to the questions?
    No, the test will be a multiple choice test and one will be only allowed to pick one choice.
  9. Which areas do I need to study so as to be sure I am ready for the test?
    The following 5 areas will be of great help: CMA and Regulations, Capital Markets Products, General Knowledge and Finance, Capital Markets Statistics and Issuers, Compliance and Investor Education.
  10. What happens after the 1st stage of the challenge?
    After the first stage, the ones who pass progress to the second stage while the ones who fail to make the pass mark will get a certificate of participation.
  11. When will registration for the Challenge begin?
    The challenge will be open for registration from 6th August 2018 to 22nd August 2018